Bar SixtyFive

New York City

With its magnificent panorama from the top of this iconic building, the 65th floor was conceived as the primary public amenity floor reminiscent of a 1930’s luxury liner docked at port. The grand Rainbow Room arrayed at the ‘prow’ of the ship, with Bar SixtyFive commanding the western ‘stern’. These views are paramount to the patron experience, both historically and present day, providing the basis for the redirection of Bar SixtyFive.

A redesign in the late 1980’s resulted in a complete alteration to the exterior of the building and renovations to the interior volume at the south end. The initial full-height doors and windows that extended up to the room’s ceiling were removed and a low horizontal window was constructed across each elevation. By removing limestone masonry, the 1987 design exposed the original structural columns on the surface of the new glazed opening. 

In the redesign of the 3,700 SF space, the height of the existing window apertures were raised to enhance the dimensions of the overall ‘viewing portal’. This modification reintroduced the verticality of the building’s historical language and returns the Pavilion’s predisposition as it was conceived, to a majestically oriented room with a view.

The design of Bar SixtyFive represents a dramatic departure from the Rainbow Room, but still breathes the Art Deco spirit of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.  A faceted ceiling made of glass reinforced gypsum panels was installed in the center of the lounge and restaurant space creating a heightened sense of openness, reminiscent of the room’s history as an open air sun parlor in 1934. Lights were scattered along the perimeter ceiling, imitating the look of stars while speakers were seamlessly integrated into the pattern of the perimeter ceiling adding to the faceted look while concealing AV elements. Faceted mother of pearl tabletops parallel the faceted ceiling made of smooth gypsum panels. High-honed, Italian silver travertine piers line the perimeter of the space, while the window facia’s are composed in an artisanal gesso relief in white gold glaze. Signature structural clear glass parapets previously developed for Top of the Rock Observation Deck were included in the design of the terrace, creating a cohesive exterior building design to 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

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Bar SixtyFive, New York City