David Yurman 57th Street

New York, New York

Gabellini Sheppard Associates approached an innovative new concept for David Yurman’s NY flag ship with the immediate inspiration of “the architecture of theatre,” an idea that manifested into the three-tier design plan now home of the iconic jewelry brand.  The brand’s most important values—functionality, honesty of materials, and authenticity—played a critical role in exploring the materiality of this dramatic space with a fresh, adventurous and unconventional perspective conceived in close collaboration with Evan Yurman, the company’s new Creative Director.


At the street front a soaring façade created in limestone and fluted granite is graced with a monolithic rose gold cross piece creating a sweeping proscenium at the entry to the store from 57th Street.   Here rose tones transform to a darkened gold when passing through the front doors, providing a subtle arrival transition that creates an immediate sense of place and brand identity.  The dramatic entrance opens to a main floor that takes center stage followed by two upper levels resembling mezzanines of a large, regal theater.  The play in sequence from outside to inside and from floor to floor provides a retail experience that envelops and unfolds as it is traversed. 


The interior design is both warm and subtly Brutalist, contrasting masculine and feminine energies through a balance of form and materials. A sophisticated use of materials and their finishes plays in perfect harmony with the luxury of the product on display. Traveling between floors, clients encounter metal finishes of silver nickel and rose gold in varying patinas that enhance the materials in the jewelry they are meant to highlight.  The striking use of marble and granite adds to the expressive palette of texture and finish.  The result of this focus on these tactile details is an intimately personal boutique experience in a grand flagship setting. 


Flexibility of use was key to the store’s ultimate appearance.  Backlit, floating-panel wall systems that can be changed to feature any material, whether it be fabric, painted finishes or decorative plasters, allows an evolution of the space to support the company’s future product lines and marketing needs. This transformative nature inhabits the whole of the design and display fixtures are equally flexible with the ability to move freely as new arrangements or fixtures are conceived for the brand’s captivating advertising campaigns. 


Floors and ceilings were treated with exceptional materials. The main floor boasts a custom, geometric pattern with alternating bands of Bardiglio Rambisserra marble and Pietra Cardosa limestone creating a contemporary marquetry design that pulls the viewer through the space, guiding them visually from front to back. A similar floor pattern is repeated in thick Dinesen oak planks that give visual weight and appeal to the second and third floors.  The ceiling throughout, also of oak, uses a repeating concentric design of overlapping planks heightens the texture of the design. This sense of familiarity to past expression gives a counterpoint to the new design as it takes its place as the physical expression of the Evan Yurman’s new direction for the brand. 


The uncommon treatment of wood, stone and glass are a highlight of the grand staircase, expressed in textured Serizzio Formazza granite slabs, sculpted French oak and 1.5” thick crystal glass guardrails. The prominent stair creates an axis that ascends in tactile and textured sophistication. 


Gabellini Sheppard Associates custom furnishings created for this project include a sculptural presentation table in the VIP room made of silver travertine with a nickel silver base. The men’s floor has a similar table, framed with darkened nickel sliver base and thick cork top to match the more masculine theme of the items on display. The end result is a consultation experience completely catered to the comfort and elevation of the client, as if they were about to comfortably sit in a theatre on Broadway and experience a performance they won’t soon forget. 

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David Yurman 57th Street, New York, New York