W Hoboken Spa Hotel & Residence


This 600,000-square-foot boutique hotel and luxury residential tower overlooking lower Manhattan provides a modern, urbane lifestyle experience in the river town of Hoboken. As part of a new waterfront redevelopment initiative centered around Hudson Street and Frank Sinatra Drive, Gabellini Sheppard was commissioned to generate conceptual designs for the interior public and private areas within the twenty-five-story building designed by Gwathmey Siegel Associates.

Encompassing 60,000 square feet on the first two levels, the curving interior promenade connects the communal and private amenities, including signature reception, lounge, bar, restaurant, boutique, spa, pavilion, and special event spaces. Each program area is articulated as a floating, translucent color volume interwoven with a Cor-Ten steel wall that arcs through both levels. At one end of the promenade lies the Amber bar, and at the other the Blue bar and restaurant, each with its own proscenium frame entrances. The sculptural, rose-hued Living Room lounge floats in a perimeter reflecting pool visible from the exterior waterfront esplanade. Creating voyeuristic and programmatic intrigue, guests of the vertically aligned Blue bar and the Sea spa facilities can glimpse each other through an oculus in the bar's elliptical fabric ceiling dome, which is located directly beneath the submerged skylight aperture in the swimming pool basin.

This vibrant nucleus of public activity extends and embellishes the surrounding pedestrian urban environment, which is distinguished by the expansive views of New York along the Hudson River esplanade. The louvered ceiling extends as an illuminated textural fabric, with ambient cove lighting designed to simulate a spectrum of daylight and twilight atmospheres.

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W Hoboken Spa Hotel & Residence, Hoboken