Mall of America Southeast Extension


The Southeast Extension is designed as an elegant destination space within Mall of America, a cascade of activity animated by architectural frames of light and material. The cascade begins at the upper retail levels of the Southeast Court and flows into the Southeast Extension main ground level, slipping further into the lower retail level. Concentric framing concepts reverberate within the spaces, first through the alternating polished and matte porcelain tile flooring, and also with stepped ceiling coves outlined by ambient light frames. 

These expand outward from the open voids of the octagonal Southeast Court and adjacent Atrium Extension. The light frames accentuate the vertical spaces—culminating in a translucent glow from the newly refurbished skylight in the Southeast Court—and add to the sense of drama imparted by suspended decorative metal ceiling installations.

At the end of the Southeast Extension, a gracious two-story atrium space, a central plaza with overlooking balcony, opens onto four premium retail spaces perfect for fashion retailers or other upscale brands. The four tenants layer their brand expression behind double-height glazed storefronts which frame the products on display, and which give the plaza a unified architectural backdrop and establish it as a singularly contemporary destination within Mall of America, a destination animated by vibrant brand display. The plaza itself, designed for flexibility, can be activated by permanent or temporary interactive installations featuring the latest in technology, gaming, or cutting-edge consumer products and experiences.

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Mall of America Southeast Extension, Bloomington