New Luxury Residential Development Five Park Redefines Miami Beach Living

November 2021

A team of lauded visionaries have come together to revolutionize the Miami Beach lifestyle, crafting a residential building with unprecedented amenities and services.

The most highly anticipated project coming to South Beach, the iconic Five Park, brings together a group of celebrated visionaries. This eclectic group is comprised of Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Raymond Fort, from world-renowned architecture and design firm, Arquitectonica, acclaimed interior design firm Gabellini Sheppard, award-winning authority on design, Anda Andrei, curator and Editor-in-Chief of CULTURED Magazine, Sarah Harrelson, famed French conceptual artist, Daniel Buren, and more. The team is creating a new gateway to Miami Beach that redefines the notion of Miami Beach luxury in the neighborhood. Five Park aims to transform the meaning of luxury living and elevate the Miami Beach lifestyle.