Business Director

With 15 years of experience, Anna brings a wealth of industry experience to her leadership role overseeing its financial strategy and operations. Her leadership experience has been characterized by resourcefulness, flexibility, creativity, and empathy, traits that have become ingrained in her work ethic.

In her role as Director of Business, Anna plays a pivotal role in managing the day-to-day operations of the firm. Her responsibilities extend to establishing effective operational controls and processes that ensure financial strength and operational efficiency.

Driven by a passion for creative thinking and a love for problem-solving to create unique solutions, Anna embraces a collaborative, multifaceted approach that encompasses both the pragmatic and the esoteric.

Beyond the office, Anna finds solace in the rhythm of New York, indulging in her passions for running and biking. She enjoys exploring the vibrant culinary scene of NYC and cherishing quality moments with her family.