152 Elizabeth Street

New York City

The firm was commissioned by Sumaida + Khurana to transform a parking garage structure in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood into a 32,000 SF ultra-luxury seven-unit condominium. The client envisioned collaboration between Tadao Ando – a Japanese master builder – and Gabellini Sheppard Associates – both the architect of record and interior designer – to develop a building that was truly iconic, embodying elegance to debut the architect’s first condominium project in New York and capture the spirit of the downtown neighborhood. 

 The interior architecture and design of the residences draw influence from environmental elements of light, water, sound, and air, which together cultivate a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Finishes and fixtures are selected with an emphasis on natural materials to enhance sensory richness and maintain simplicity.

 The artful play of light and shadow begins in the entrance vestibule, where the naturally backlit water wall and glowing coves signal passage into a more harmonious realm. Inside, filtered natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows is balanced by translucent light veils, floating pools of light, and perimeter light frames, seamlessly integrated through concealed and recessed sources. The sensory pleasures of water are introduced in the entrance vestibule’s illuminated water wall and penthouse terrace’s reflecting pool, continuing as the design inspiration for the bathrooms as spa-like relaxation chambers. Sound is addressed through a high-performance glass curtain wall as well as wide-plank oak flooring and paneling that form a cocoon of tranquility, sealing out extraneous noise to harmonize comfort and calmness within. Air quality and temperature are maintained by integrated systems of concealed vents and grills as well as operable windows and skylights.

 The residences are individually tailored to create optimal proportioning of space, with every design choice made to elevate daily activities and heighten the functional performance of life. In complementing Ando’s vision, Gabellini Sheppard Associates creates a meditation on the notion of interior space as a carefully modulated extension of the natural world. 

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152 Elizabeth Street , New York City